rigid riders

The Rigid Riders

A GTA Parkinson Cycling club

We are the Rigid Riders.

We are a group of people living with Parkinson’s Disease who have chosen a different path and decided to fight back.

We cycle. Cycling has proven health benefits for people living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Our members cover the full range of cycling abilities and many of us have not cycled since we were kids.

So, to the list of reasons why you are not cycling now, we say:

1) Make the time. You are experiencing change and you must adapt.

2) It will hurt more if you don’t manage it. Muscle rigidity, balance, and flexibility may be at risk if not addressed now.

3) It’s free to join. We help with equipment, volunteer coaching and optional spin classes (at a cost).

4) We are a supportive team, and we understand what you are going through.

5) PD can subdue your motivation. Together we motivate each other.

Our goal: complete a 40-kilometer route in a Pedaling for Parkinson’s Event later in the year.

In preparation, we will train as a team, including indoor spin classes through the winter and outdoor cycling routes in the spring. Spouses and/or care partners are welcome to join.

We are currently most active in the GTA. We are looking for eager organizers in other areas. If you think that you may be that organizer, let’s talk.

To find out more or to inquire about joining the team, email us at gorigidriders@gmail.com

Don’t delay; we are stronger together, and we want to hear from you.

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