Parkinson’s, Fear and the Lion’s Gate

It was a day spent re-organizing the RV, doing interviews and hosting Larry Gifford at our campsite. All the while, Vancouver’s Lion’s Gate Bridge loomed behind us. We drove over it to get to our campground. When we crossed, I was uncomfortable with the height of the bridge, the height of siting up in the […]

Meeting Canadians with Parkinson’s

Mark, Mike #3 and Mike #1 three guys united by Parkinson’s Part of my task on this Journey, besides keeping Jim and Steve moving, will be to conduct interviews with people living with Parkinson’s. To this end, when we checked into our last RV Park before Victoria, the lady at the desk mentioned that there […]

Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, I do but hate thee.

I suppose I’ve been a city boy too long. I like the comforts of home. The three to seven mosquitoes that come out to bother me at twilight in Toronto can be enough to drive me into the house. I don’t know anyone who like mosquitoes. And no, it is not just the mosquito I […]

Name the RV

We have been on the road for 1 week now. We are just across the B.C. border. We haven’t named our RV yet. Perhaps, we should have a contest. We will come up with a couple of prizes. One for whoever first suggests the name we decide on. If you like the name someone suggests […]

First’s Keep Coming as we Learn the RV Life

Last Sunday we began the drive from Toronto and drove to Whitby to pick up friend and fellow Parkie, Mike #3. Darlene and I purchased this 2016 Winnebago Minnie Winne for the purpose of this trip. We had just survived a very stressful week, and we all know how Parkies love stress. We are learning […]

The RV and bikes are heading to Victoria

Well, we have finally begun our journey to the ride start in Victoria. To get here has been an ordeal to say the least. I am not sure if this will be a rant, a tirade or just a story so I will start and see where it goes. Wednesday, June 8 and our objective […]

And so it begins…

Hi, it’s Mike here, if you choose to follow this blog, you’ll get to know me. I assume I will be blogging the most this trip. Why? My qualifications are obvious, I completed High School and English marks were always the struggle. Steve and Darlene are lawyers and Jim a teacher.  Where I win this […]