Steve’s Blog – Sept 9 and 10 – cxx – Sackville to Truro and Halifax

I have forgotten to mention that our group is now 5, as we are joined by Jim’s wife, Krista. Sheis a natural fit and, for me, arrives with sleuthing skills to find a perfect pie and help celebrate my birthday. It turns out that it is also Jim and Krista’s wedding anniversary, and there are […]

Steve’s Blog – Sept 4 – the cost – Rivière du Loup to Edmunston NB

When we started this journey 2 ½ months ago, time and opportunity seemed limitless. It’s nolonger that way, and we are now making plans for our final days – the last long ride, the lastgroup ride, the last free day. Crossing into New Brunswick seems to have been the impetussince it is the start of […]

Steve’s Blog – Aug 31- clear reception – Cornwall to Montreal (Laval), Quebec

Gil and Sharon are splendid hosts with a lovely home. They deliver up coffee like pros andenliven four weary travellers at a very early hour.We drove to a community playhouse and settled in to our first ever Rotary meeting. The meetingstarts with happy bucks – voluntary contributions that are plunked into a coffee cup followingeach […]

Steve’s Blog – Aug 29-30 – 2 coffee makers – Athens to Cornwall

We tear away from the embrace of family once again, this time to spend two days hopscotchingalong a route plan with so much complexity that it sounds like a law school admissions question:Eg. Starting in Ottawa, cyclists A and B drive and ride the following routes.● Drove east from Athens to Smithfalls for an event● […]

Steve’s Blog – Aug 25-28 – it’s about the people we meet – Ottawa/Gatineau

The name “Ottawa” is derived from an Algonquian homonym meaning“gather for trade”. Gather, we did, and our trading was of stories, photos and best wishes. Fourdays of revelry.Through the exceptional efforts of Krista and many others, we gather first in Brittania Park for ameet and greet. We meet so many people, some who have come […]

Steve’s Blog – Aug 23-24 – Ottawa Bound – Peterborough to Ottawa

Physics observation: the mass of your home is inversely and geometrical relative to yourdistance from it. Consequently, the closer you get to your home, the greater the gravitationaldraw, squared.I observed this principle over the course of these two days of travel with Jim. We leftPeterborough late and set our sights on Arden, Ontario – mathematically […]