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Spinning Wheels


Beginning July 27, 2024, three teams, each including at least one cyclist living with Parkinson’s, will cycle over 10,000 kms across Canada, crossing all provinces, two territories and three coasts in 60 days to raise funds and awareness to help Canadians living with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s related charities and community groups will be hosting events across the country. Funds raised in each province and territory will go back to our partner charities to assist with providing programs and services to Canadians living with PD.

The Relay will wrap up on September 28, 2024 in Ottawa with a big rally and party.

Our Commitment

A portion of the funds raised in each province will be dedicated to supporting partner charities within that province. These funds will assist in delivering programs and services to help Canadians living with Parkinson’s disease.

A Spinning Wheels Relay Rider meet up at Rick’s

(L to R) Li, Lily , Susan, Lloyd, Mike #3, Rick (holding Madigan), Jim, Gary, Don, and Mike #1

Spinning Wheels Podcast

We keep the conversation going with our podcast: Spinning Wheels, Parkinson’s Conversations with Jim Here.
Watch or listen as people share their experiences with PD. We talk to people diagnosed with PD, who work with PWP, and who are trying to medically help PWP. It’s a whole Parkinson’s scene we have going on! And we always figure out a way to see the positive while acknowledging the challenges.
We are just starting out and really want to provide a podcast that brings insight and positivity to PD. Please like, share, and comment (on what you like, what you think we could do differently or what you would like to see.
Host: Jim Redmond
Engineer: Mike Loghrin

Why We Are Doing it

You have probably heard of Parkinson’s Disease. You may even know people who suffer from it.  Get used to it, as Parkinson’s Disease is the world’s fastest growing neurological condition, set to double in number by 2040.

Parkinson’s Disease occurs when the brain’s dopamine-producing cells die prematurely. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter necessary for many functions of the brain and body, including muscular control, and its loss affects all forms of movement and balance, as well as non-motor functions such as memory, concentration and motivation.  Think of dopamine as the electricity in an electric car: without it, the lights dim and the wheels stop spinning.

There is currently no cure, no bio-markers to aid detection, and little is known about how it is triggered, except that Canadians are disproportionately afflicted

Most people living with Parkinson’s reduce or even discontinue regular intensive physical activity after their Parkinson’s diagnosis.  Why?  Their actual skills and abilities do not suddenly evaporate on the date of their diagnosis, though their mental fortitude often does.  As a result, many abandon the very restorative health practices, such as regular exercise, when they are needed the most.  For people with Parkinson’s, intensive exercise can boost energy, sharpen the mind, elevate spirits and keep the body mobile.  Studies indicate that intense exercise can help train the Parkinson’s afflicted brain to use dopamine more efficiently and be able to do more with less.

Let’s use the dopamine we have to build the lives we want.

What are We Doing

Canada is a big country.  It is home to over 100,000 people living with Parkinson’s disease, 9 in 10 of which suffer in silence, isolation, or without the support of a knowledgeable organization or community.  Starting in June 2022, we aim to cross our big country by bicycle to meet as many of these people as possible to personally deliver this message: get moving to stay moving.  

We start In Victoria, British Columbia and ride east through every Canadian province, and hundreds of cities and towns along the way.  Our route is approximately 8,000 km, and we expect to average 125 km a day, six days a week for approximately three months.  Our Spinning Wheels Tour team will include two riders with Parkinson’s Disease, as well as two ride-along supporters to keep things moving.  Along the way, we will be meeting with people whose lives are touched by Parkinson’s, and encourage them to get moving with us, get engaged in support communities, and to set up their own group athletics.

We are not athletes, just people with the resolve to do what it takes to live well with this disease, and to encourage others..  

Along the way, we hope to hear these words, “If they can do it, I can too.”